You Will Be Missed Billions

The show Billions just finished its 7th and final season on Showtime!
Juice Press was extremely fortunate to be featured on Billions in three different episodes, which is very valuable free exposure for a company like Juice Press that doesn’t have a large advertising budget .
Juice Press owes the creators of Billions (Brian Koppelman and David Levien) eternal appreciation for this tremendous brand exposure . My name is Michael Karsch and I am CEO of Juice Press. I became friends with Brian Koppelman in college at Tufts University. Brian was always a good friend but I never expected that he would care so much that he would want to help me expose Juice Press to a national audience.
I want to brag about Brian Koppelman a bit before I continue the Billions story. in college,  It was already obvious that Brian had a special talent for music and writing. And he was a go getter . During his junior year, Brian discovered Tracy Chapman after watching her perform on acoustic guitar in Harvard Square. Tracy happened to be a senior at Tufts so Brian arranged for Tracy to play at the Tufts Campus Center in front of a few hundred students. She performed Talkin Bout a Revolution and Fast Car which of course are both classics 30 years later. Soon after, Brian helped Tracy sign a large record deal and within a year her first album had sold 6 million copies!
After music, Brian pivoted into writing movies and tv scripts with his friend David Levien. In 2009, they asked me to read a draft of a show about the hedge fund business called Billions. I spent a bunch of time and tried to give feedback best I could. And as a thank you they included Juice Press in three different episodes: 
1) Season 1: Mark Teixeira (the legendary NY Yankee first basemen and one of the original investors in Juice Press) makes a cameo. He meets Axe (the protagonist hedge fund manager ) at a cocktail and Axe asks him what investments Mark is most excited about. And Mark replies something like: “Juice Press, it’s skyrocketing and pretty soon it’s going to IPO”. Funny enough, people actually reached out to me to ask whether it was true that Juice Press was about to go public through an IPO.
2) Season 2: I have a cameo in the season’s first Episode when I attend a business dinner with some hedge fund moguls. I didn’t speak any words but my family thought I did great anyway 😉. It’s amazing how many people have watched the show because I have received hundreds of comments from people who saw me in the episode.
3) Season 7: Brian and David filmed a scene in the Juice Press store on Hudson Street featuring Paul Giamatti, who is one of my favorite actors! We closed the store for about 5 hours and our Hudson Street team was incredibly excited to experience how a tv shoot works. And were excited to watch when the episode aired !
Brian, David and the Billions team, we appreciate you so much at Juice Press and know that your careers will continue to reach new heights!
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