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Meet The Fam: Love Your Greens

Different people reach for different juices depending on their palate and dietary needs. To ensure you’re always hitting the right note, Therefore we split our favorite green juices into two categories: low-sugar Deep Green juices and Greens With Fruit.

Deep Greens

Celery serves as the unifying element in our low-sugar Deep Green Juices within the Love Your Greens fam. Often overlooked as the base for most soups and sauces, celery's mild flavor belies its impressive nutritional profile. Rich in powerful antioxidants such as caffeic acid, tannin, and kaempferol, celery actively combats free radicals. Its health benefits extend to cardiovascular health, where it demonstrates the potential to prevent diseases, reduce blood lipids and blood pressure. Additionally, celery boasts anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, solidifying its prominent role as the star ingredient in Love Your Greens.

Celery Juice may be the purest in the Love Your Greens family. But if you’re looking to up the ante, Energizing Greens is her natural big sister. On top of celery, Energizing Greens also blends cucumber, lemon, kale, and a nutrient-dense aqua botanical considered beyond a superfood because of its 65-plus vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. The cucumber and lemon combo work together to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, reduce swelling and sooth the skin. Plus, the polyphenols found in lemon are naturally anti-aging and improve the intestinal microbiome. For good measure, we top it off with kale, rounding out Soul Garden with a vegetable that boasts more iron that meat and more calcium than milk (per 100g).

Our deepest green juice is Mother Earth, which we love for her mix of dark, leafy greens like kale and Swiss chard and superfoods like dandelion and ginger. Ginger is one of our favorite superfoods to incorporate into our recipes, and not just because it’s delicious. The gingerol found in ginger has many adaptogenic benefits, including improving gut health, reducing inflammation and healing cells damaged from free radicals.

Aside from the use of Ginger, Mother Earth also incorporates dandelion into her mix. Dandelion is known for its medicinal properties, high nutrient content, and potential to improve cardiovascular disease. In Chinese medicine, dandelion is used to detoxify the liver (where the body filters toxins naturally), as well as to promote kidney function and support digestive health. Basically, it’s a lesser-known superfood that fits in perfectly with the Love Your Greens family.

Greens With Fruit
And then there’s Greens With Fruit: Doctor Green Juice, Greens + Earth, Love Me, and Love Me At First Sight.

The OG is Doctor Green Juice with its punchy apple and pineapple combo, rounded out with lemon, kale and ginger. Then we’ve got the souped-up version: Greens + Earth. An herbier version Doctor Green Juice because of its addition of dandelion, parsley, cucumber, and Swiss chard, Greens + Earth is for the days in which you’re feeling a push to detoxify. It’s dandelion is particularly good at this thanks to its medicinal properties mentioned above.

Then there’s Love At First Sight, which is essentially green juice (spinach and kale) sweetened naturally with green apple and cut with a splash of lemon. Halve the

fruit and you’ll get Love Me.

From pure and potent Celery Juice to the mega-leafy Mother Earth and the naturally sweet Love At First Sight, when it comes to this family, you can count on Love Your Greens to always nourish you.

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