JP At The US Open

Juice Press operated a smoothie and juice bar in The US Open players lounge for many years.

Of course in the first year I was particularly excited and spent a lot of time making sure everything was going smoothly (pun intended).

On Opening Day, I found myself at the salad bar next to Rafael Nadal and I REALLY wanted him to try Juice Press. Truthfully, I can get shy sometimes so I had to summon up the courage to ask: “Hi Rafael, I am the CEO of Juice Press, would you like to try some of my products?”.  Nadal simply shook his head and worse proceeded to walk with his salad over to the Coca Cola machine to fill up a Coke Zero. Well I felt like a Zero!! So I slithered away while trying to shake off the rejections.

Petty as it seems, I decided that it would be sweet justice if Nadal lost early in the tournament so I rooted against him — but of course he made the finals. Before the finals I decided to walk into the players cafeteria to see if anyone there and in fact there was Nadal sitting at a long table calmly playing 🎲  🎲 with his inner circle. And lo and behold what was Nadal drinking ? A Juice Press Love Me bottle !!! The ingredients of Love Me are a blend of: Organic spinach, green apple, kale and lemon. I quietly took a picture (not for advertising just for my own memories) and I made my way back to my seats to show my wife Erica.

Of course, we now were part of Nadal’s fan club and cheered mightily for his victory. And in fact he easily won the championship match with LOVE from Juice Press.

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