Health Food Tips From Elite Model

Hi I‘m Gloria, an Elite Model in NY. I wanted to share some of my favorite health food tips that keep me feeling fresh and glowing, especially in the lead-up to Fashion Week.

My day kicks off with a ritual of hot water with fresh lemon, which not only warms my stomach but also provides an alkalizing effect on the body. It sets the tone for a day of vitality. After checking emails and a brief meditation, I enjoy my Celery Juice from Juice Press on an empty stomach – a secret to achieving that enviable skin glow and feeling light from within.

Throughout the morning, whether I'm in a shoot or attending castings, I make sure to grab a Green Smoothie or a Blue Magic from Juice Press. Protein is essential during the day to sustain my energy levels and stave off sweet cravings. For a late lunch, I enjoy a nutritious soup from Juice Press or eat the delicious Cauliflower wings – a personal favorite that I love! My body responds well to plant protein, which at Juice Press means a proprietary mix of pea and pumpkin protein.

Balancing my meals is so important during work hours to avoid fatigue. In the afternoon, I stay hydrated with a Thai Coconut Water from Juice Press, drinking it daily. It not only keep me hydrated but also offer many beauty benefits.

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