We're On Team Usher

Juice Press hopes everyone had a fun and healthy Superbowl! While we have love for both Kansas City and San Francisco (not to mention Las Vegas, where one of our flagship locations at the Bellagio kept fans hydrated!), we rooted loudest for Usher’s half-time performance. You might say the feeling’s mutual:

With nearly 30 years of industry success, many often wonder how Usher keeps his age defying appearance. Now it could be coincidental, but we would like to think our nutrient-dense offerings have helped him retain his youthful glow. Superfoods such as Goji Berries, Chia Seeds, and Blue Spirulina found in many of our smoothies, juices, and bowls contribute to longevity. Epidemiological prospective studies have shown that higher intakes of such antioxidant-rich foods can not only significantly reduce physical and physiological signs of aging but also help prevent disease.

Even if your Super Bowl party didn’t feature a Juice Press spread, keep us in mind for your next event. We're proud to offer best in class catering services featuring an organic, nutrient-dense assortment spanning fresh pastries, bagels, and bialys baked in our kitchen, to all the usual goodies like smoothies, shots, cold pressed juices, and more!

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