The Legend of Ginger Fireball Cult

It’s fiery. It’s immune boosting. It’s famous! Having been featured the Today Show, the runways of NYC Fashion Week, Forbes, Bloomberg and yes even on Broadway by the cast of Hamilton!

The legend of Ginger Fireball Cult has grown for over a decade and spans more than a million people, many of whom were sick and in need of relief, while others drink it daily as a preventative measure.

Countless times we have heard customers swear that the Ginger Fireball put them on the road to a rapid recovery or warded off the initial stages of a winter cold or flu. A Bloomberg reporter called our CEO during COVID to do a story on Ginger Fireball because she was hearing so many stories of New Yorkers and Bostonians downing them in an effort to get or stay healthy. The Ginger Fireball Shot features our favorite immune-boosting ingredients: Ginger, cayenne, and oil of oregano — plus, of course, more than your daily dose of Vitamin C. You can even opt for the Ginger Fireball with added greens!

While ginger and cayenne are well known for their work to rev up the metabolism, oil of oregano is a lesser known star, deserving some attention too. One of the most studied herbs ever, oil of oregano has powerful antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties, even showing potential to fight bacterial infections like staphylococcus. Recent investigations also indicate that oil of oregano can act as a cancer suppressor agent. Pretty cool.

When you combine this superfood with the therapeutic gingerol found in ginger, then it’s game on for your immune system. Gingerol is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that soothes the stomach while fighting free radicals as it cleans our your lymphatic system where toxic build up is stored. It’s healing properties help you feel better faster. Even if you’re not worried about getting sick, ginger is a fantastic post-workout superfood because it reduces inflammation and aids in muscle repair. Cayenne has great anti-inflammation and pain-reducing properties too.

We think there’s also something to be said about getting ahead of what’s to come. The Ginger Fireball Shot’s capsaicin-containing cayenne and ginger combo kick start the metabolism while regulating blood sugar. Meaning, if you take this in the morning, you’ll wake up your metabolism faster, while keeping your cravings throughout the day at bay. Plus, cayenne aids in blood circulation and can even reduce bad breath. If you take the Ginger Fireball Shot every morning (or a few times a week) during cold and flu season, you might find that you rarely get sick (more on this later, but check out our Rehab Shot in the meantime!).

Welcome to the cult!

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