The JP Lifestyle

Not everyone knows this, but JP doesn’t just stand for “juice press“ — it’s also short for ”just plants.“ That’s because inside every store are dozens of plant-based meals, beverages, snacks, and lifestyle products, all vetted with our high standards for sustainability. Whether you want to get your fix with healthy split pea soups or get through a cheat day with JP Sin-O-Buns made with organic coconut, we’re plant forward with everything we craft.

Nobody wants to be judged for how they eat and inspiring choices should make you feel good. All of our meals are made without harming animals and a plant-based diet results in 70% less carbon emissions. It means understanding the nuances of clean energy and that stevia and chicory combined are a great swap for the sugar-conscious. And also that you don’t have to live a plant-based lifestyle 100% of the time either.

To support our high standards, we work with top nutritionists who specialize in plant-based lifestyles, so that, no matter what our customers need, we have a plant that can work for them. We keep our shelves stocked with easily accessible grab-and-go food that’s always plant-based, organic, and nutrient-dense. That also includes making the most cutting-edge plant-based supplements, such as ProViotic and Copina Co Plant-Based Collagen. And even our containers are made out of just plants, including our famous sugar straws.

At Juice Press, we’re inviting everyone to step into a new era of fresh food for busy people; one which is mindful of equality and which becomes a playground for JP fans to experience plant-based food in many ways — on bowls, mixed into smoothies, or on its own. We hope you find the JP lifestyle as unexpected and exciting as we do.
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