Holiday Mixers

Holiday Mixers

Cozy season has arrived and it’s time to catch up, chill out, and unwind. Whether you’re spending the holidays laying in front of the fireplace with family or on a beach blanket next to friends, a homemade recipe from Juice Press (preferably served in a carafe) is refreshing enough to help you keep your cool.

Whether it has a kick or not is totally up to you — alcohol isn’t a default. However, this holiday mixer recipe is one of our favorites and can be poured as a mocktail or a cocktail — and we’re convinced it’s 100% healthy-ish even if you go with the latter. Like many of our favorite things, it begins with Ginger and Cayenne — basically a wellness love story. Both rich in antioxidants and circulation-boosting effects, ginger works to increase your body's fat metabolizing abilities, while the capsaicin in cayenne can raise your body temperature, helping you to burn more calories. And we packed a double kick of both into our Juice Press Spicy Citrus.

Best part? Spicy Citrus is our all-time favorite mixer. We keep our recipe simple with just tequila, our Spicy Citrus blend, and ice. Like a Caiprihinha, but with the benefits of clean tequila, a big kick of ginger and zero sugar. Spicy enough to keep you warm. Refreshing enough to help you keep your cool. Juice Press CEO-approved. Easily mocktail-able (our Juice Press Creative Director prefers substituting the tequila for club soda). You might have a second, but, don’t worry, we’ve got your hangover cure too!

For a mocktail version, swap the spicy citrus for grapefruit seltzer water.
Serve with your favorite Juice Press munchies. Right now, we’re loving Flackers Flax Seed Crackers.

For Two Cocktails:

  • 1 Juice Press Spicy Citrus (16 FL oz)

  • 4 Oz Tequila (or club soda for a mocktail)

  • Ice


  • Mix Spicy Citrus and Tequila in shaker

  • Pour over Ice

  • Relax and enjoy!

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