Unveiling the Mystery of Adaptogens

At Juice Press, we wholeheartedly embrace the power of plant medicine. Each meticulously crafted recipe incorporates adaptogens, superfoods with a rich history in Chinese and Ayurvedic practices. These non-toxic herbs, roots, and fungi are designed to enhance vitality, combat fatigue, fortify the immune system, and alleviate stress—a natural source of strength.

But, What Exactly are Adaptogens?

If your regular Juice Press order includes Blueberry Genius, Blue Magic, Ginger Fireball, Mother Earth, or handcrafted soups, you're already benefiting from adaptogens like Ginger, Turmeric, Maca, and Mushrooms. Even Cordyceps, akin to the anti-hero in The Last Of Us, falls into this category. These herbs and roots work at the cellular level, promoting your body's drive towards balance with every sip or bite.

Why Do You Need Adaptogens in 2024?

Rooted in centuries-old practices, there are over 70 known adaptogenic herbal plants. While they've gained scientific attention recently, more research is warranted. Current theories suggest direct effects on the stress-regulating hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis or the strengthening of mitochondrial antioxidant status.

For an herb to be an adaptogen, it must tick three boxes: non-toxic, support stress-fighting abilities, and aid the body in returning to homeostasis. Imagine the cortisol spike during stress—an adaptogen counters that by lowering cortisol levels and vice versa.

Even if you're in a tranquil state-of-mind, your body constantly adjusts to stress. Adaptogens, stimulated in response to stress, ease the body's return to balance.

Get Your Daily Adaptogen Dose at Juice Press

Harnessing adaptogens in our plant-packed offerings at Juice Press is both an art and a science, often infused in powders, teas, tinctures, and our favorite—smoothies.

For those rundown in cold and flu season our ginger, turmeric infused products is your immune-boosting companion.

Add a Turmeric and Ginger Booster to Any JP Juice or Smoothie!

Now that you're enlightened on the healing power of adaptogens, here's to eliminating toxins with the natural magic of plant-bas

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