cold pressed ginger

cold pressed ginger from juicepress on Vimeo.


slowest machines

our juice is made on the slowest machines that produce the least amount of juice commercially acceptable. we use norwalk cold press machines on much of our produce. the norwalk was invented by norman walker in 1930. norman walker died at age 99. he passed on a legacy of incredible juicing recipes and a knowledge base, which strictly adhere to.

our living mentor is fred bisci, phd. fred is over 83 years old and has been a raw foodist for over 43 years! he has unrivaled knowledge and experience with food and nutrition. we consult with fred on regular basis to confirm the health benefits of what we create.

we are the best juice and smoothie bar on the planet. it’s true. we checked. if you found us, it means that your food and health consciousness has soared higher.








several advantages

cold press juicing has several advantages. both the goodnature x1 and the norwalk juice presses shred down the solid produce to a pulp. the pulp is then pressed by the hydraulic press. this method is far more efficient than a rotary blade machine, which leaves behind much juice in the pulp.

norman walker invented this machine some 75 years ago. the press has two separate juice extraction machines built into it: the pulverizer and the three ton hydraulic press. harder vegetables and certain fruits require first being pushed down the pulverizer feed tube. a slow spinning blade creates a pulp out of the produce. the pulp is then wrapped in a cotton or linen cloth and placed on the press tray where the press crushes the juice from the pulp.

the result is the extraction of the maximum amount of juice from the least amount of produce. the pulverizer is also proven to be the most effective way to liberate the nutritional enzymes from the fibers of the produce.

we proudly use both norwalks and good nature x1 machines. we squeeze citrus on sunkist machines. we use best practices in handling juice and blended drinks. we us all cautions to avoid heating produce during juice extraction. we do not use hpp on our juices and foods.






2 to 4 day shelf life - we expire early.

because the press does not force air into the juice during pressing, the juice does not decay as fast as with other methods of juice extraction. it is considered perfectly acceptable to bottle this type of juice for two to four days. sweet potato juice may ferment in two days, whereas ginger juice can hold up for as long as a month if stored in a sealed and refrigerated container.

the combination of norman walker’s machine, formulas, and philosophies with our selection of fresh, organic, and raw produce ensures you always get the best tasting and purest juice available.

in contrast to the slow working norwalk machines, the use of a rotary blade centrifugal juice machine leaves much of the liquid in the pulp. the juice is not as nutrient-rich and certainly not as tasty.

besides using best practices in our kitchens, our formulas are the most daring, potent and tasty drinks around. ask anyone.