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a juice cleanse is a fancy way to say "liquid fasting." maybe you’ve heard of the “master-cleanse.” this is a water, lemon, grade b maple syrup, and cayenne concoction that you drink several times a day for durations of 10 days or longer. it works only because of what you are leaving out of your diet. the formula is not mystical or super healthy. cayenne pepper is stimulating. maple syrup is sugar for energy and has some nutrients. lemon juice is an anti-oxidant. their diet could have easily been called “harry’s stone fruit surprise diet” and consist of water, peach juice, turmeric powder, and raw honey. same thing as the master cleanse. maybe a better combo in my opinion (i better patent that). the point is, and we say it over and over again, it’s actually what you’re leaving out of your diet that allows the body to heal. the statements herein were not evaluated by the fda.

the body cleanses reciprocally based on what you leave out of your system. in other words, the more you leave out of your diet the more you will cleanse. a water fast is therefore the most powerful and effective cleanse. the only nutrition you’re supplying is h20. within a few days on a water fast, the body enters into a “dangerous” healing crisis. the longer you’re on such a cleanse the closer to death you come. this type of cleanse can force a “reset” of many dysfunctions of the body. it could also bring to the surface problems that were latent. it is a dangerous method of cleansing that requires supervision and practice to increase the durations. my food guru, fred bisci, did two 40 day water fasts. i’ve never tried one.

the easier and far safer approach is to juice fast. leaving out nearly all fiber, but receiving optimal nutrition from fruits and vegetables, is far more ideal than other liquid fasts. a juice fast is safer than a water fast because you are not leaving out the nutrition. our juice is loaded with living enzymes and the full spectrum of required nutrition (protein, carbohydrates, h20, fats, minerals, and vitamins). nutrition will keep all of your necessary functions stimulated and working as they should. the healing crisis occurs slower on a juice cleanse than with a water only diet. the statements herein were not evaluated by the fda.

how long should you fast for? why are three day and five day cleanses popular and commonly sold? three to five days became popular because back a few years ago cleanses were shipped via fedex and ups. the durations were convenient for packaging and pricing cleanses. no two people have the same chemistries at the same time. some people are walking puss bags and others are in great overall health. juice press and juice companies should never attempt to diagnose or treat illness. we are not medical people. not everyone should juice cleanse. do not fast against your doctor's recommendation. do not cleanse if you are pregnant. do not cleanse without the supervision of your doctor if you are taking anti-depressants. if you are ill do not cleanse without supervision from a medically trained person with credentials.

if you are in good general health, experiment with three to five day cleanses. as you gain experience, try longer cleanses. many people do 10 day and much longer cleanses the first time. during a juice cleanse with juice press you are getting enough calories and nutrition in the juice and long cleanses are achieved without difficulty. the longer you cleanse, the deeper the cleanse will go.

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