formula: grapefruit, lemon, orange. 16 oz.

the potash (alkaline potassium compound) and other salts of the organic acids in fruits keep the body alkaline. citric acid from organic and raw citrus fruits combine with alkalies in the intestinal tract and are absorbed by the body. they pass into the blood, not as acid, but as neutral salts.



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nutritrion fact: serv size: 1 bottle (473 ml), servings: 1, amount per serving: calories 190, fat cal 5, total fat 0.5g (1% dv), sat. fat 0g (0% dv), trans fat 0g cholest. 0mg (0% dv), sodium 10mg (0% dv), potassium 810mg (23%), total carb. 45g (15% dv), fiber <1g (2% dv), sugars 16g, protein 3g, vitamin a (30% dv), vitamin c (340% dv), calcium (4% dv), iron (6% dv), percent daily values (dv) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.