lait de coconut




formula: blended raw coconut water with coconut meat. 17 oz.

not all coconuts are created equal. the thai coconut is without a date the best tasting and most flesh yielding coconut on the planet. superior to the carribean coconut in every way. also you don’t know this yet, but all of the coconut waters you see in markets that claim to be raw, may be, but they are high pressure pascalized. this process prolongs shelf life and kills nutrients along with the pathogens it’s trying to reduce. it’s simply not as fresh and alive as ours.


lait de coconut

additional information


serving size: 1/2 bottle (255 ml), servings: 2, amount per serving: calories 220, fat cal 150, total fat 17g (26% dv), sat. fat 15g (76% dv), trans fat 0g cholest. 0mg (0% dv), sodium 230mg (10% dv), potassium 700mg (20% dv), total carb. 15g (5% dv), fiber 7g (27% dv), sugars 9g, protein 3g, vitamin a (0% dv), vitamin c (10% dv), calcium (6% dv), iron (10% dv), percent daily values (dv) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.