gravity w/ e3 live




formula: cucumber, celery, lemon, kale, E3 live. 17 oz.

mild tasting super green. E3 live is a potent lake algae from oregon packed with nutrients. green juice is an antidote to endongenious toxic material in the cells. there is trace fiber in juice which also makes it a pre-biotic for probiotic organisms. we have several great super green juices for you to try. GRAVITY is one of them. enjoy. drink more raw, green juice. make sure you buy juice that is not high pressure pascalized. these statements were not evaluated by the fda.


gravity w/ e3 live

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serving size: 1/2 bottle (255 ml), servings: 2, amount per serving: calories 30, fat cal 0, total fat 0g (0% dv), sat. fat 0g (0% dv), trans fat 0g cholest. 0mg (0% dv), sodium 80mg (3% dv), potassium 460mg (13% dv), total carb. 6g (2% dv), fiber 0g (0% dv), sugars 3g, protein 2g, vitamin a (60% dv), vitamin c (50% dv), calcium (8% dv), iron (4% dv), percent daily values (dv) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.