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there are always controversies in medicine and science. we do 100 studies on something, they come out with the results, and either fads or fears emerge, until the next set of studies come out with new sets of facts and truths.

whenever there is a change in the standard thinking of the time, people get nervous. this is mostly because they don’t want to not know something.

50 years ago doctors thought smoking cigarettes was ok. so everyone smoked camels. they were dead wrong about that call! i make this comparison because i believe that yesteryear’s proponents of smoking are the equivalent of today’s naysayers of raw juice, superfoods, blended smoothies, raw and plant-based diets, and of course juice cleansing and fasting. 

in response to a february 2014 article in details magazine regarding juice fasting and juice cleanse businesses.

i don’t expect anyone to do real investigative journalism on juice yet, especially in sexy magazines. we are, however, at a wonderful point in juice history.

grab that details magazine and take a look. 

i’m happy to see juice is a hot topic and we are all more or less (mostly less) on the same side and page.

-lauren slayton made great comments. kudos.
-joe cross is always awesome and he’s one of my heroes in the juice movement. check out his movie “fat, sick, and nearly dead.” it is epic.

-kimberly snyder. sorry. she clearly doesn’t understand juicing. she’s my new nemesis. she doesn’t have my experience with cleansing and clearly lacks the experience that i have with cleansing the masses. her comments indicate that she doesn’t understand autolysis. 

 quoting from paavo airola

"During a prolonged fast (after the first three days) your body will live on it’s own substance. When it is deprived of needed nutrition, particularly of proteins and fats, it will burn and digest its own tissues by the process of autolysis, or self digestion. But your body will not do it indiscriminately! In its wisdom - and here lies the secret of the extraordinary effectiveness of fasting as a curative and rejuvenative therapy - your body will first decompose and burn those cells and tissues which are diseased, damaged, aged or dead. In fasting, your body feeds itself on the most impure and inferior materials, such as dead cells and morbid accumulations, tumors, abcesses, fat deposits, etc. Dr. Otto Buchinger, MD, perhaps the greatest fasting authority in the world calls fasting very pertinently a refuse disposal, a burning of rubbish. The essential tissues and vital organs, the glands, the nervous system and the brain are not damaged in digesting or fasting." directly quoted from “how to get well” by Dr. Paavo Arola

i’m on the warpath to defend science and spotlight kimberly’s missteps. i would gladly challenge her to a public duel on nutrition and juicing knowledge anytime, anywhere. regarding her comments about fiber: if you add fiber back into your diet, the same autolysis process won’t occur. remember, for everything you leave out, there is a reciprocal improvement in your overall chemistry. pressed juice is not meant to be utilized as a whole food.

also, she’s misusing the term “whole food,” a common mistake among the uninitiated. 

all raw juice started as a whole food and remains unprocessed. it’s not made into battery acid—its nutrients are intact and of high value. vitamins and minerals are not lost through juicing. 

it’s not whole in as much as we remove the fiber. we do this for a direct benefit. the purpose of juice is to get the vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream quickly and to leave out fat and protein. this promotes autolysis. 

the protein and fat is not there in noticeable amounts. on a cleanse, through autolysis, your body will recycle its own morbid or weak cells.

of course, a lot of doctors in this day and age are still going to be against juice. most are pro-juice, though. over the last several decades many brilliant doctors have done studies that prove its efficacy.

for all of us, including me, the one thing that we should not do is take an absolute approach. i may be branded as a fanatic, but i’m as much of a fanatic as magellan was by declaring the earth was round.

on fruit sugar: people have unique chemistries and no one should say that fruit sugar is good for everyone. there are many sides to the story of individual chemistries. i am not implying that people should go out and drink a gallon of orange juice. i’m also not saying that fiber is something to be avoided in general. you need fiber. the more digestive resistant your foods are (e.g. flesh foods), the more fiber you need.

many doctors take an opposite position because of the way they are programmed. there is plenty of science that proves the awesome and dynamic power of juice. 

the details article poorly quotes bad science when it compares gram for gram the raw, fresh fruit sugar in juice to the highly toxic, processed sugar in a snickers bar. 

this is such a common and ridiculous mistake that it serves only to prove the individuals making the comments have an utter lack of experience with treating people with juices, and a lack of personal experience with juice in their own diets. traditional nutrition has brainwashed its students to promote diets based on high protein, calories in or out, etc.

if a comparison should be made, compare a snickers bar to an apple. this is a better comparison because they are both concentrated foods. compare coca cola to fruit juice—that’s more realistic. never a snickers to juice. but the comparisons in both cases have many flaws.

regardless of the sugar, soda is toxic and pure acid that can take the paint off a car. take a glass of fresh juice as it relates to your chemistry and it leaves behind an amazing alkaline ash in the bloodstream, which reduces inflammation in the body. this is the awesome power of juice. in most people’s chemistry, the sugars in raw, fresh juice are immaterial.

sugar (raw, unprocessed, naturally occurring sugar) effects everyone differently. if a person’s blood sugar bounces up and down, they’re going to feel much, much worse overall if they consume highly processed foods with processed sugars than if that same person drinks fresh, raw fruit juices with higher grams of sugar (moderation is still key for that person).

if that same person mixes more green juices in with the fruit juice—say 1:1, they’ll feel fabulous. fruit juices diluted 1:1 in water also allow even the most toxic people to make amazing progress in their overall chemistry. unless they’re über-toxic, the symptoms they feel relate to detoxing and not to illness.

soda can dissolve a seashell if left to soak for several days. theoretically, you would have to drink about 80 glasses of water to alkalize yourself after drinking this garbage. the person eating processed garbage never makes progress unless he’s taking lots of medicine, and even then it’s short lived. 

soda, and its sugar, is terribly acidic and promotes inflammation. inflammation, the precursor to most illness, is a big, big problem. 

whereas fruit juice, and its sugar, is very alkalizing because of its vitamins and minerals. even citric acid, as it relates to the digestive alkalies, converts to neutral salts. this is simple science. 

don’t get bored. stay with me. let’s recap because i tend to ramble as i am not a writer and have no media training. i am house trained.

if you are producing insulin and are efficient at stabilizing sugar, you won’t have a problem with a reasonable amount of fresh fruit juice every day.

in terms of fiber, juices have trace amounts of fiber (the inulins and the sacharides are there in trace amounts so as not to cause problems in juice fasts).

fiber as it relates specifically to juice fasting is cleansing because by leaving it out, you are able to cleanse. it’s what you leave out of your diet that allows you to cleanse. if you add fiber back in, you can only cleanse to a point. 

too many “knowledgeable people” are focusing on calories, sugar, and fiber. this approach to health and nutrition is akin to a sailor in 20-foot seas spending all his time concentrating on decorating the interior of his ship, rather than keeping the vessel weatherproof and seaworthy. 

good nutrition is all about reducing inflammation and getting quality, nutrient-rich calories. not just calories.

**raw fruit sugar matters in relation to the efficiency of one’s chemistry.

**fiber is relevant to the overall diet, not just to raw, fresh juices. 

**calories are secondary to the need to cleanse and unclog the system.

it's great that the argument is heating up and juices are cooling down! 

the good news is that we are all more aware of the benefits of a predominately plant-based diet and that no one disagrees that juices, in some context, are healthy.