a juice cleanse is another way of saying juice fasting. we look it a juice cleanse/fast as a juice feast. we see it as a feast because you can drink as much juice as you want from the widest variety of produce imaginable and still get brilliant results. juice only diets are extremely safe for most people with the exception of those on certain medications or with certain diseases. that being said, eliminating dietary mistakes while maintaining needed nutrition is never a mistake for any human being. flooding the body with vitamins and minerals from juice has awesome power.  faqs?   our probiotic

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  • nyc cleanse

    nyc cleanse

    in the city we naturally get our dose of toxins. this cleanse provides the energy for our busy schedules, while detoxing all the grime. drink these six juices in any order: doctor earth, love at first sight, glo, fountain of youth, gravity, and lucky 7.


    juice press is extremely proud to be the first to offer this amazing 100% vegan probiotic to our community of health conscious customers! more powerful and pure than any other probiotic on the market, proviotic’s good bacteria has the longest track record of safety of any probiotic. it was discovered 109 years ago and has perfect safety record recognized by the us fda. it is safe for all ages in limitless quantities.
  • original 6 juices per day cleanse

    original 6 juices per day cleanse

    formerly the standard cleanse. deepest, greenest cleanse.
  • alternate 6 juices per day cleanse

    alternate 6 juices per day cleanse

    for the athletic set.
  • the 4:1 ratio cleanse 3 juices, 1 cold brewed almond latte, 1 raw salad

    the 4:1 ratio cleanse 3 juices, 1 cold brewed almond latte, 1 raw salad

    here's an easy 4:1 (4 parts liquid 1 part raw food) starter cleanse that includes 2 delicious juices, 1 green smoothie, a raw salad, and a cold brewed almond latte. try this cleanse for a few days. dont study calories or protein. mix and match the juices from our extensive juice menu. alternate salads from our salad menu. instructions: 1. start with the almond latte coffee. 2. drink water. 3. within 30 minutes drink the first green juice (lucky seven) 4. drink water 5. rest if possible. 6. within 3 hours drink the green smoothie (green giant) 7. within 2 hours drink the second green juice (gravity) 8. before 7:00pm eat the salad. 9. drink more water. 10. if you're starving drink more green juice until bed time.
  • the 1/2 day cleanse - 3 items

    the 1/2 day cleanse - 3 items

    1/2 day of two juices and a smoothie. 3 items: (1) rain forest smoothie; (2) gravity; and (3) mother earth. here's an easy way to get on the "program." 1/2 day, all raw, liquid fast. tried and tested by many! start your morning off with this delicious and amazing superfood smoothie. two hours later, drink the super green juice, mother earth. two hours after that, drink our more mild, green juice, gravity. finish the day off with more juice if you like; any selection is fine. or eat food. we recommend you eat raw salads or properly steamed vegetables in combination with a raw salad together. drink as much filtered water as you can. rest as much as you can. lay on your back for 15 minutes with your eyes closed. this is a form of blood dialysis.
  • raw oatmeal and 4 delicious juice combo

    raw oatmeal and 4 delicious juice combo

    1. start your day right with our mind blowingly delicious raw oatmeal. (may contain trace amounts of gluten). this simple filling breakfast combined with green juices is certainly a great way to reset your body. 2. get some energy and kick with our spicy citrus. 3. drink a super green, anti-inflammation green juice (mother earth). 4. further reduce inflammation with our 5 ounce ginger and celery long shot (first degree burn). 5. get some greens again with energizing and alkalizing pineapple (doctor green juice). this menus is anything but boring. keep going with our daily raw food cleanse combinations. make up your own. move closer and closer to juice only fasts. read more below. the key to a successful cleanse is what you leave out of your diet, not what juice formulas or magic tricks you try to mix in. the more you leave out, even fiber, protein, etc., the more improvement in your overall chemistry occurs. on cleanse your leaving out every dietary mistake and foods that resist digestion. this allows the body to perform cleansing and detoxing functions normally impeded by poor lifestyle choices. this statement has not been evaluated by the fda.
  • weight loss

    weight loss

    this is satirical and not meant to be a product for sale on our site. what a controversial subject. probably the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard anyone say about juice fasting is that it's not a realistic way to lose weight and keep the weight off. juicing is actually the perfect weight-control and weight-loss paradigm, as long as you have realistic goals. you will lose weight because during a cleanse you’re leaving out cooked and processed foods and you’re in a calorie deficit. juice is food. it’s pure, unprocessed, amazing nutrition. provided that you include a wide variety of produce, you could live quite contently on juice and smoothies indefinitely. that's right friends and doctors: indefinitely. you can get all the protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water you need from juice and smoothies.

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  • crucial super food diet (coming jan. 2015)

    crucial super food diet (coming jan. 2015)

    item 1: fig smoothie, figs blended in water, hemp seeds, and chia seeds. (new item!) item 2: doctor green juice. (drink before 12:00 pm dont get too hungry.) item 3: omg! my favorite green juice. (drink by 2:00pm) item 4: salad, raw vegan. choices of any salad at juice press item 5: any green smoothie (rain forest) or add superfood green powder to faborite smoothie coming soon to juice press. this cleanse is not available at this time.

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  • testimonial: kenny ditcher's 60.5 day cleanse

    testimonial: kenny ditcher's 60.5 day cleanse

    kenny dicther is a bright, young genius and partner of juice press. i challenged him to do his first ever cleanse for 60 days!! he succeeded on first try and made it 60.5 days. for safety we was observed and cared for by dr. richard ash, md. kenny's cleanse was customized for his busy life style. the focus was not on weight loss or calorie consumption but just the elimination of dietary mistakes.

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  • testimonial: heidi kamp's 31 day cleanse

    testimonial: heidi kamp's 31 day cleanse

    heidi kamp is an ambitious cleanser and juice press' graphic designer. very talented and highly competitive. amidst all the holiday feasting, heidi was steadfast in her 31 day juice cleanse and brought in the new year with a clean body, a clear mind, and the cleanest colon of the new year. this was her first cleanse and was hugely successful. she noted the following: required less sleep. no highs and lows. no midday crashes. much improved immune system (previously suffered from migraines on the regular). clear, glowing skin….quite similar to that of a pregnant woman. trimmed off excess weight. 15lbs down. at 6’0’’ she now weighs 153lbs and maintains a very athletic stature. heidi plans to continue on an 80% vegan diet, but has not convinced herself to give up the occasional burger and beer. and we’re not talking any of that processed garbage—she is a lover of fine foods and finer brews. her favorite juice press raw food is for the love of kale salad, closely followed raw ravioli and raw falafel. pre/during workout drinks of choice: glo and coconut water. post workout drink of choice: heaven on earth and coconut water. “it’s easy to see the physical weight come off of your body, but the intangible weight, the weight on your heart, is no less real. juice cleansing is a far cry some one-dimensional fad diet meant for weak-willed schmucks who are looking for a quick fix.” - heidi kamp, juice press graphic designer

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  • testimonial: emily bearden 30 days juice cleanse

    testimonial: emily bearden 30 days juice cleanse

    emily maintained a normal training schedule and noticed that her levels of energy were both high and consistentant. she no longer needed a midday nap and noticed her nighttime sleep was much deeper and more effcient. unless it is for a fight, emily does not typically weigh herself but instead judges her health and fitness by how her clothes fit. by the end of the cleanse her clothes were more roomy and comfortable, proving the extra pounds were gone. now that the cleanse is over emily plans to remove dairy and processed foods from her diet and explore new ways to prepare and enjoy foods. she also plans on doing a week juice cleanse here and there to keep herself on track to a healthy lifestyle. emily's favorites are doctor earth and fountain of youth. 

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