chocolate love quest




perfectly, healthy delicious raw chocolates. cacao is a superfood high in antioxidants. it is especially powerful when it remains in its raw organic state. gluten free!

ingredients: raw cacao, coconut oil, agave, salt, vanilla.

although this item is certainly a fabulous addition to our menu we’ve had to limit the number of items that we can have on our delivery menu. this is to insure that the items we deliver are reliably available. this item is available for purchase in store only. our made fresh daily, 100% organic 99% of time, and seasonal weather conditions contribute to this decision. we are very sorry for the inconvenience.


chocolate love quest

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nutrition facts serving size: 1 piece (28 g), servings: 4, amount per serving: calories 130, fat cal 80, total fat 9g (13% dv), sat. fat 7g (37% dv), trans fat 0g cholest. 0mg (0% dv), sodium 50mg (2% dv), total carb.14g (5% dv), fiber 2g (7% dv), sugars 10g, protein 1g, vitamin a (6% dv), vitamin c (0% dv), calcium (0% dv), iron (4% dv), percent daily values (dv) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.